Monday, 8 September 2014

under construction | bedroom edition

Since most of my friends are off to live on campus for university I have to stay put in my bedroom for the next three years or so. The last redecorate was about 6 years ago and my style has changed drastically. I feel like I prefer a more classy, glamorous and girly feel rather than the uncosy cramped space I'm dealing with now. So on a more realistic effort I thought I'd select three key items that I can purchase that will transform my room on the right track because Lord knows I can't really afford a whole bedroom makeover at this point!

THE BED- at the moment I have a silver metal double bed that was bought on 'temporary terms' when I switched rooms with my parents 5 years ago, lets just say it is more drab than fab. Now I think it's about time I upgrade to a more me bed! I love the princess-y feel of this white bedstead and especially the fact that it has a foot-board since I have a phobia of something touching my feet whilst I'm asleep! ( blame my older cousins making me watch final destination when I was 7! ) This white bedframe has been lurking in various shops Ive been browsing at different prices, so far I've managed to find this ebay seller at the cheapest price.

THE SIDE TABLE- So seen as I want to purge my room of anything I no longer need I was planning on ditching my desk ( sorry parents!) for a more appropriate dressing table and bedside table combo. White being the main theme for my bedroom furniture I spotted this Belgravia beside table with two drawers. Belgravia is definitely a collection of furniture I like the look of and the dressing table in the collection isn't too much of an eyesore.

THE ACCESSORIES- Being a love of all things shabby chic I will no doubt be making my own array of hanging hearts and bunting to adorn my space. As I've grown up more I've also realised I don't have a set favourite colour, whilst I do like my greys and blues and mint, in general I love a good pop of colour as much as the next gal'. To fit the brief I'd like to think these ikat print cushions do the job perfectly. I'm in love with the watercolor-esque feel to them and I just adore the mix of colours. They might as well be on there way to my bed soon!

So that was my realistic wishlist for my room makeover, what are some of your picks for redecorating your room on a budget?

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