Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A much needed heart to heart

To start off the perfectionist in me is a bit peed off at the fact that I didn't manage to post this on the 1st but as you will read on I hope you will understand...

This year has been really up and down in regards to life experiences. The place I was in during January is weirdly not where I am now and in all honestly I feel slightly overwhelmed with the scale of starting university in two weeks time.

Summer was as great as it could've gotten for the most part, and for the latter it became a dull gloom both symbolically in the weather featured in the UK and within myself. Hence why I've been out of touch with blogging. I really love writing it's my favorite hobby and for now I just feel it's become a burden to keep up with posts, which I hate. Hopefully I get back into the mojo of posting once I've tackled my first few weeks of university. Wish me luck!

On the other hand, I am excited to begin this new academic year as it's a chance for me to start over with blogging. I feel embarrassed to post to my 100+ followers sometimes because I'm not 100% happy with the content I'm posting, so again Sorry if I've seemed off, I'm going through a down phase.

Now enough with the gloom, I feel like I've bored you all with my woes. Lets mark this a new beginning in the 'What I did On Wednesday' World and keep your eyes peeled for bigger and better things coming your way.... lets just say a bigger redesign is on its way.

Thank you for sticking by me for my journey 

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