Sunday, 24 August 2014

Lazy Sundays #17

• New sofa • Bye Bye Summer • #lastconeoftheyear • Arts and crafts indoors • A piece of cake
 It's that time of the week where I round up the escapades from the past seven days into five collective pictures.

New sofa After a 4/5 week wait our new family sofa finally is with us. This beauty is cutesy of and the style we chose was the Flynn Persian grey finish and in the flesh it is definitely a beauty. I almost don't want to sit on it because I'm scared of ruining it!

Bye Bye Summer Storm clouds were a sight I almost forgot the look of after the sunny weather the UK was experiencing last month. It's actually such a shame that the Summer holiday's aren't over yet but the actual season is. The holiday doesn't feel the same :(

#lastconeoftheyear The last official ice cream cone was eaten... Well maybe not but it sure is no beach weather for an ice cream these days. The hashtag is a mere representation of my disappointment if you can't tell.

 Arts and crafts indoors Spending a lot of time with my little cousin means I get deep and dirty with what a six year old calls fun. Seen as I'm studying to become a teacher it actually helps me learn what goes on in that little head of hers whilst giving me some personal experiences for my future career.

A piece of cake Holiday's in my family are just excuses to get family over and enjoy some cake and I'm certainly not complaining! Although technically my sheer lack of care over my body weight will soon haunts me once I'm done with the cake. So far this has been my favourite holiday in terms of making small memories. Even though I haven't been on a physical holiday or outing I've had fun in the trips I have made and that has kept my Summer going.

So that was my week in pictures. What was your highlight of the week

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  1. I know how it feels, post summer blues :(

    x leah symonne x


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