Friday, 22 August 2014

The one with a haul to share #1

So I've been a bit of a spendaholic recently but rather than feeling guilty I've told myself it's for a good cause, starting University in the fall. Although I'm nervous I'm enjoying the Summer until I begin in September hence the lack of posts, sorry! 

I'm between having a set 'style', I don't really think I fit into a category. I like girly and glam but also just see myself in flannels and converse too, it really depends on the mood I'm in. I've bought a fair share of items with the intention of mixing and matching each piece in a way that I can reuse the item without overwearing it out in the same way. I will try to link all the items beside the talk-through however as most are early summer sale purchases most are gone from the sites.

1. Kimono from Matalan ( click here to purchase). I was a bit skeptical about it at first but now I pretty much am in love. It's not the typical floral print, it has a leopard print twist to it which I like because it can be worn with different items to bring out each individual colour or print going on.

2. Skater dress from F&F that I picked up at a bargain price! Again I like the neutral grey tone to it and the low swing part of the dress, it reminds me of a Victoria Beckham piece that I love.

3. Swing dress from Matalan. I love the print of this, it literally is me in a dress. It comes up to a resonable length and I love the colours too. I could easily pick out the purples, blues or dark tones in the print to mix the look I create in the outfit.

4. Oversized Boyfriend shirt from Matalan. ( I swear I was just on the Matalan website and found good deals, hence the over populated amount of Matalan buys! ) Although it is literally HUGE I thought I'd keep it seen as I tuck most tops into my trousers/skirts. The graphic square print is one of my fave prints, it's like a modern take on the checkered flannel and doesn't look to daring or outrageous at all.

5. Navy Maxi skirt from Primark. Primark has a great sale on in my local store and I managed to rummage through and find this skirt for a mere £5. I adore the crochet detailed panel across the front and I think I will get a lot of wear out of this in the coming months. The belt is a bit flimsy but is a nice contrast to the navy of the skirt. I think this skirt and the kimono look so cute together too!

6. Blue flannel from F&F. Seen as summer is pretty much a goner in the UK I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this shirt. It's so cosy and soft but also has a nice combination of colors in the print. I think it'll be great for layering on top of plain t shirts and tops whilst not looking too casual in lectures.

So that was my haul, heads up that this will be one of many more hauls to come in the future seen as I'm no longer in a school uniform environment anymore. How has Summer been for you all?, let me know below.

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  1. Love the grey dress so much!

    I've tagged you in the Liebester Award over on my blog by the way, go and check it out! :)

    k a s s i e l l a ♥


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