Monday, 18 August 2014

Bargain Brushes!

I was browsing eBay as you do and saw this brush set going for a measly £1.50. I was a bit sceptical but I've heard some rave reviews of similar Ebay brushes in the past so I thought I'd bite the bullet and see if they'd turn out any good.

The set comes with four brushes that are so soft, up to par with my Real Technique ones if not softer. In the set comes ...

They are honestly worth the £1.49 I paid for them and considering they came from Hong Kong I was pleased with the delivery time, it took around 2 weeks and came before the estimated time (up to 4 weeks) the seller had given me so that was a bonus!

They are however a bit big. Big in the sense that the size of them almost doubles up as a concealer blender if you wanted to use it as that. They would literally apply the eyeshadow in one swipe across the lid, and that's me saying that with big eyes! I would dare not predict the size ratio on a small eyed gal out there. The actual stem of the brush is pretty bulky too for an eyeshadow brush but considering the size of the Real techniques ones I'll overlook that minor detail.

But for a mere 37p each I'm not going to complain at all. I reckon the fluffy eyeshadow brush ( baring into consideration that these names are totally made up my me) would work great on cream eyeshadows, and as mentioned before, concealer too. The pencil brush is my fave for getting that precise amount of shadow on the lower lash line for a smoky effect. Its solid so isn't floppy in applying the shadow at all. The dense eyeshadow brush is nice for applying eyeshadow in a hurry, with its size it is definitely one of the best packer of shadow and still a soft tool that's not going to scratch the eyelids. Finally the angled blending brush is a saint for smoky eye blending. It fits into the crease and blends beautifully. Fall out is expected though the size and brush itself is surprisingly well made for catching the remnants of shadow nicely.

So for less that £1.50 do you think you'll have a try of these brushes?

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