Wednesday, 10 September 2014


So I've been making some innocent makeup purchases over the past month in the duration of my summer holiday and rather than waiting to accumulate my awaiting purchases ( post-summer blues = extra naughty purchases online! ) I thought I'd just separate them into mini categories and talk you through the things I've bought.

 NATURAL COLLECTION- This is a brand that I've never really tried before in its entirety and although they have fairly affordable products I've just been put off by their packaging. I've since, evidently bought a lipstick after much debating in the colour biscuit. So far so good but more use will need to me done before a 'proper' review so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

COLLECTION- ( I realise now how similar the names of the brands are...) I was kindly gifted this cream puff from a lovely friend last month and I love the colour. Again more road testing is needed to determine a solid opinion but for the sake of stating a recommendation I'd definitely say it's one of the best affordable drug-store liquid lipstick dupes. The colour for those who may wonder is 'cotton candy 1' and it's a gorgeous rosy pink.

So that wraps up part one of the 'NEW IN' series of beauty hauls I'm planning to do. Right now I'm awaiting a Body shop order to arrive and together with my Fragrance direct purchases from earlier this month I think my post-Summer blues have well and truly been cured!

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