Friday, 12 September 2014

August Roundup

I'm 12 days late to this gig but better late in rounding up last months posts than never eh?

Last month was the peak of Summer ( *nostalgia kicks in* ) and I was a busy busy bee. Nonetheless I posted some of my favourite posts of all time in this month, starting off with my first ever clothes haul! I made a few cheeky purchases with my first year of university in mind so that is possibly the justification of it all, if there needs to be justification that is ;) . 

Next up was a beauty review talking about the Nivea gentle eye makeup remover and I gave my thoughts on whether it was a win or lose in my opinion. If you haven't already click the link above to take you to the post so you can get the lowdown on this budget buy.

Speaking of budget buys I finally put up my budget makeup brush review and I have never looked back since I started using them! If it's one thing you click on to read out of this whole post then it's definitely this one as you'd never guess how much I snagged these beauts up for!

Lastly on the DIY recipe fronts of things I gave my spin on the ombre cake trend that's been hitting bakeries up and down the internet. I love the turnout of this cake and although I can pin point some well needed adjustments I can safely say it tasted as good as the appearance.

So that was August's roundup! Wow that was weird typing. How is it September already? It's almost 2015 at that! How did your summer go and what are your plans this September?


  1. This is such a good idea for a post, I've never thought to do a monthly round up :) I'm going to have to go and check out all your posts now!

    emmerliejay x

  2. oh thank you so much, I love a good monthly favourites but I felt this was more fitting


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