Monday, 4 August 2014

My First Ever Brush Haul!

It was done... Brush virginity was broken *hides face*. But in all honesty how exciting is getting REAL soft and silky brushes? Considering this was a purchase done almost two months ago I'm just going to tell you that it is darn obssessive! I've since got a full collection that I'm totally satisfied with for the long run. 

Back onto this purchase though. I saw a few of my Instagram followees post hauls from this site I'd never heard of claiming prices on the Real techniques brushes I'd only dream of buying them for, so when I saw of a 'first-time-buyers' discount code that was the ultimate enabler to my decision to hit the nail and buy me some brushes!

The website in question is iherb and I thought I'd go ahead and purchase three of my most wanted brushes at the time. I purchased the Real Techniques expert face Brush, the ELF blush brush, and the Real techniques stippling brush on recommendations from my cousin.

Real techniques are one of the best brushes I own now, they're so soft and easy to wash too. The stippling works for days where I want a lighter base, but also doubles up to apply cream blush really effortlessly. The expert face brush is what I use for a more build-able base application as it's more densely packed together allowing more product to buff into the face rather than travel down into the brush hairs like the stippling does. 

The ELF blush brush was purchased with contouring in mind because of the tapered shape. I love the way it blends as well as sculpts the face with its shape, I get an even finish without getting harsh pigments of bronzer left on my face. I would definitely recommend ELF brushes for an alternative to Real techniques.

As the dollar conversions are a much more cheaper alternative for my wallet I was over the moon to total my order of three brushes to less than £15 with the international shipping ( can't fully remember due to the months it's been ). One thing I do remember is that the ELF brush was £1.80 through the conversion and I was absolutely blown with the quality I received, definitely more swayyed to get a few different more ELF brushes in the future now.

If you've tried any RT brushes or ELF products how did you get on with them?


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