Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Day at the fare ~ Day in the Life #7

The day began with an impromptu shopping trip whilst waiting for my friend to arrive ( #forevertheearlyone) I noticed an Essence stand spotted in my local wilko whilst browsing the isles that morning. Although I didn't pick anything up I'm now more in-the-know on what to buy when I hit the shop next time.

So the fare was a bit of a flop to be quite honest! It was a nice small fare which I have nothing against but it was so bare that it was almost as if it was a private fare for us- Now I don't know if that was bad, but for us it was rather theraputic having no lines or screaming kids on rides. 

Having been deemed to big for the 'kids' rides *meh* we decided to hit the normal park and have some rest-We got too excited and sat on one ride for two turns which got me so dizzy I almost vommed ( TMI I know!) My friend insisted that I try her all time fave flavour of ice cream, the beloved lemon ice and I'm not gonna lie it was pretty refreshing. Still doesn't beat my Maxibon ( where for art thou Maxibon- I can't find anyone who sells you anymore :'( ).

So it was a pretty chilled day catching up with my friend and making more plans to spend the summer. Hopefully a beach trip and a day around London is up for discussion so more DITL style posts to come. 

How has your summer been so far?

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