Friday, 8 August 2014

Nivea Makeup Remover

Nivea have never been on the radar when it comes to go-to skincare for me, but recently I recognised the new branding and a few new products in the range and thought I'd give a few products a try. 

Seen as I didn't own a 'proper' eye makeup remover I thought I would try Nivea's take on it. It definitely is as gentle as the name insinuates and that usually doesn't happen often. It works as you would expect from a makeup remover in that you squirt some onto some cotton pads and massage onto the eyes. I personally also like pressing the soaked pads onto my eyes for a minute to dissolve the eye makeup then start massaging, I find that works the best for me.I find that normal makeup removing waters are drying and make my eyes sting slightly, but this does the trick 'gently' and does so without drying my already dehydrated skin.

Nivea also do a micellar water that is part oil and part water, in the type of formula you need to shake before using. It is definitely now on my 'to-try' list for removing my more thicker mascaras and waterproof liners.

What removing solutions do you use if any?

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  1. This stuff is so great - there's no point in forking out on eye makeup remover when this one does the job perfectly!

    Josie XOXO

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