Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Clutch Bag Edit

Now that Summer is fully among us carrying around large totes can be a bit of a task. Nonetheless, when it comes to those special occasions, night outs or chilled Summer weddings a clutch is a nice addition that doesn't leave your arms or shoulders aching for a rest. Here are my essential clutch necessities for summer;

- Top ups: We all know Summer temperatures mean more chance of makeup slipping and sliding so carrying a powder and your lippy is always a good idea for sprouse-ing up the days face. Nothing to major that will leave your hands in agony, just a light product that perhaps has a mirror attached to save extra bulk to the clutch. A light fragrance, I recommend samples or thin roller balls, are also something to note as you want to maintain your sweet scent in the summer heat.

- Space: Depending on size of your chosen handbag you will probably need to downsize a few things. Leave out the space-consuming wallets/purses and stick to a card and some cash if need be. Loose change can get heavy so unless you need a few coins for parking or sorts avoid the jingle of pennies in the bottom of your bag.

-Snacking: I'm usually one of those people who need the reassurance of having spare food in my bag just in case I'm hungry or if food isn't accessible at the event/ night out etc.  If I know it will be a long wait till I get a real meal into me I usually pack a cereal bar of some sort to munch on if need be. Chewing gum or breathe mints are also an essential no matter where you're going!

Apart from those two pointers I usually skip the other items that my larger bags would reap in. Of course phones and keys will make an appearance, but other than the bare important items what would you recommend as a Summer clutch bag addition?

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