Monday, 30 June 2014

June Roundup

How quick did June fly by?  It's crazy to think this time last month I was a stressed mess trying to revise for my A Levels, and now I'm free for the Summer! So here's a roundup of this months posts.

The month kicked off with a review of  a Rimmel Moisture renew Lipstick which I'm currently in love with. If you haven't caught up with my views on it then click away at the link to have a read. Also in the lip department I made a few new purchases which were featured in my joint haul with my good old pal, Imana. I spent a few fair pounds in an attempt to make myself look a bit better, and I caught a few fair deals too!

Talking of feeling spendy, I placed an order on my first ever Birchbox! It was an amazing selection of products this month and made even better by the fact that I get to try out my very on Beautyblender! Reviews on individual samples coming soon so keep your eyes peeled this month!

On a more lifestyle-y type of post I grouped together a selection of 'weird things I own' for a random post. The title says it all really so if your curious as to what weird things I have lurking in my roon then click the link above.

Lastly I posted the sixth instalment of my 'day in the life' chain of posts. This DITL was a more chilled evening in the park with my family and loved ones which I really enjoyed ( Shhh don't tell anyone! ). Overall it ended the month on a high, leaving me feeling very nostalgic indeed. This month who knows what I'll get up to considering its Ramadan and Summer in one- it could be a magical mix.

See you same time next month for another monthly roundup! Let me know what your fave post was this month and any plans you have for the summer, in the comments below.

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  1. Svetlana Kalinina30 June 2014 at 20:48

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