Sunday, 6 July 2014

Lazy Sundays #13

•Revlon matte balm love • Brush haulin' • Fruit for days • The clutch Edit • Cream blush convert

It's that time of the week where I round up the escapades from the past seven days into five collective pictures.

Revlon matte balm love If you saw my drugstore haul then you would've seen the awesome 2 for £10 deal I discovered in Boots. I picked up the Matte balm in Sultry and have been itching to use it ever since in all its glory. So far I've been dabbing it gently on my lips for a subtle look but I'm sure going all out with this colour will be just as awesome. Review coming soon!

A Brush AffairNow that I've posted my updated Beauty starter kit I'm well on my way into collecting brushes to apply it all. An exciting brush haul is coming on WIDOW so keep your eyes peeled for... you've guessed it... a bargain alert! Brush obsession aside this cute tin jar contraption is right up my street when it comes to d├ęcor. It was a nifty find ( originally a tea bag jar ) and I'm in love with the colour and pattern too.

Fruit for days If you didn't know, I'm fasting this month for Ramadan and fruit has become something I'm craving for after a long 18 hour strike from food. Watermelon is just sooooo goood!

The clutch EditI've been drawing towards lighter bags and clutch-type accessories for this Summery weather that has hit us. Saying that today of all days it's been miserable but nonetheless with wedding season it's a nice change from my usually heavy totes and shoulder-achers.

Cream blush convert?I've never been one for blushes but my oh my this Elizabeth Arden one is the bomb! Might I add that it's the nicest formulation and not to sticky on the skin. Is this a new Tasniah your seeing! Shocker and a half!

So that was my week in pictures. What was your highlight of the week? 

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