Thursday, 15 May 2014


It's throwback Thurday on Instgram so I thought I'd share some of the things I've did as a sort of blast from the past.

First up is my suitcases ready and packed from the holiday I went to last year. Seems like so long ago and only makes me reminisce on the fun we had. It wasn't the perfect holiday abroad, still in Britain but nonetheless it was a break from the boring old town I live in. Summer hurry up so I can get to somewhere warm!

Next up is my old phone case I made from scrap wrapping paper and a clear phone case I picked up from Pound World. It's sadly dead from the amount of times I've dropped my phone, so I've upgraded to rubber type cases to cushion the fall instead. I got a lot of compliments from this phone case which makes me sad it's all broken, but for £1 I think I might go and make another replica. Let me know if you'd like a DIY.

Third is a throwback to last year when my teacher left her job on the road to fulfilling her actual dream career. We had to give her a comedy send off and a bunch of friends and I decided to make her a t-shirt that said I ♥ EU because of her unapologetic love for politics. It no doubt went down well and she wore with pride.

Last but not least, Gameboy. Need I say more? How nostalgic does it make you feel eh? I had a little play of my brothers old school console much to say I didn't end up passing any levels, but then again I was never a Star Wars fan.

So that was a little look into the memories I've shared on my personal instagram over the past year. If you'd like to follow me then head over to Instagram @whatididonwednesday to see more of my past snaps.

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