Saturday, 17 May 2014

MUA matte lipstick

 If you've been a solid follower of my blog since its birth then you'll know how I'm just getting into makeup and the many realms of it. Lipsticks was one area I was keen to start collecting because I just adore them in every way. MUA is perhaps the only brand that I know that does lipsticks for £1 ( apart from Primark now ) so I wanted to check out their new offerings in the matte department. I already have one from the normal range and for its price I wasn't too offended by its appearance.

The matte range already looks much more appealing in my eyes with the white packaging, very chic! The shade I picked up is called 'peachy keen', again I can see an improvement from the numbered system in the normal range, I had shade 7 which is a darker coral with shimmer running through. The colour of this one already had sold me at first sight so to find out it was called peachy keen was a bonus. Talking of bonuses it was such a surprise to see that the bottom twists off into a legit pot of lipstick! Great of lip-brush users and a nice idea for those who don't want to be dabbing at the actual bullet.

On application the lipstick is of a drier texture than the normal MUA lipsticks, but that's expected from any matte lipstick so I didn't really blame it on that flaw. Dry lips is another hurdle to look at because as any dry lip gal you'll really have to massage the dead skin off before applying the lipstick. The colour is really nice and build-able, perfect for summer I'd say. I like patting onto my lips for a more subtle look but building it up creates the full peach tint you'd expect to get by looking at the bullet.

It lasts pretty much a few hours perhaps (2/3 hours on me) and you can expect the usual wear off after drinking and eating so keeping it in your purse for touch ups is a must. On the overall look I think starting up in makeup, I have no real 'high end' lip products to compare it's likes to, but for £1 I don't think you can go wrong. It's a no fuss application and throw in your bag sort of lipstick, which you don't have to worry about loosing. However if you are used to the good stuff it will be a disappoinment in the application and appearance department. Even though I think the essense of the lipstick has changed from the black packaged lipsticks the actual fact that it's matte doesn't forgive the less pleasing dry look on the lips.

So for £1 do you think you'll be trying the MUA matte collection?

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