Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My top three Sunglasses

With Summer on the horizon I thought I'd share with you my new obsession for sunglasses. Now I don't have many but it's something I like to invest in once a year so your likely to see my collection grown in the next few years. I'm not too keen on the whole Rayban trend I think it's being over done, so in the summer of 2012 when that was going on I thought to be a bit different and get some plastic rimmed retro style sunglasses. This year however I fell in love with the bug-eyed glasses trend and had to indulge in a pair that I'll go into in detail below. So for now scroll down through my top three pairs and I'll meet you at the bottom for a quick lowdown and info on where you can get yourself some, if interested.

So first up are my most recent pair from Primark. I've been eyeing up a similar pair in River Island for £18 but I settled for a £3 alternative as I didn't know if I was going to suit them, but now I know I think I'll be making a sneaky purchase in the sales. They have UV filters so I have no worries when wearing them, plus I've worn them out and didn't get the 'achy eye syndrome' you get when your squinting behind the glasses.

The last two pairs are from eBay and were really inexpensive. The downside was the waiting period to receive them from China by which time British summer was practically over, but it was okay because I got my wear out of them last year. Both of them fit really well and look pretty cute. I love the curly rims on the second pair because it gives it a bit of an edge. If I'm not mistaken I think they must be Versace knock- off's but who knows I've never really seen them before other than the ones I own.

The heart pair are my ideal sunglasses but I don't really get much wear from them because I get shy. Where I live people don't really get the whole funky sunglasses 'thing' but I'm saving them for a beach affair/ holiday where it's more appropriate to go all out.

So if you like any of my top three pairs then head to Primark or eBay for a look. What is your fave pair out of the three?

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