Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Want List

Exam season is in and whilst every kid out there is humbly revising I sit here roaming the web for 'finishing all my exams' presents. I've been eyeing up quite a lot of goodies so although I'm showing you my top five, another want list might be on its way ( *hides face in shame* ).

Sunglasses// I don't know what's gotten into me, I'm becoming a rebel with sunglasses and I don't know whether to be embarrassed or proud. These glasses are just a representation of the style I'm going towards buying. And if you tune back to read my 'Top 3 Sunglasses' post in a couple of days you may know why I've stepped back from buying them for now and leaving them for when I do finish my exams.

Kimono// Who doesn't love a good throw-over type piece of clothing that makes you look chic and presentable? I know I do. This one is from Accessorize and is my kind of colour and design, I was in love at first sight. The tassels remind me of a bohemian goddess and I'm always envious of Vanessa Hudgens' style, she pulls off a bohemian look with ease.

Marc Jacobs Au So Fresh // I've heard a fair few good words about this perfume and I'm yet to give it a whiff. I think a mini sample is in order before I purchase, but how can I say no to such a beautiful bottle. Marc Jacobs certainly knows his stuff when it comes to packaging, it's such a dressing table piece, right?

The floppy hat // It's definitely not the type of setting to be wearing a floppy hat out on the streets in my area, not just because of the looks I'd get but because the weather is a bit crazy. Londoners will certainly agree! But I really think a floppy hat just screams summer and holidays. They remind me of beaches, that summer breeze and well, just makes me nostalgic at the least. A WIDOW holiday is on the cards so fingers crossed it's tropical climate because any excuse to look ridiculous whilst protecting yourself from sun is enough to buy.

The Body Shop Bronzer// Now this is definitely an Essiebutton enabled want. She looks radiant every time she has it on and I just feel like giving in to the temptation. If anything I think this is my number one item on the list, but seeing it on the Easter offer for 40% off made me realise I could wait for the next discount season for a reduction off the £13 price mark ( although I wouldn't really mind investing ).

So what's on your want list?

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