Thursday, 29 May 2014

For The Home...

So I've been pretty occupied in the décor section of every website and store, I just love what every shop has to offer but of course I can't buy the content of every décor department out there. I've picked four of my top picks that I love to share with y'all.

1. Dressing table// Dunelm mill is an overall awesome shop. There prices aren't extravagant and they offer a wide range of designs and styles to suite every person out there. This table is my idea of a beautiful dressing table. I can imagine getting up and putting my face on in the morning sitting  on this piece of furniture, doesn't look too big so will naturally make a nice addition to my new room.

2. Table top treats// This noughts and crosses set is so cool, I love the modern vibe it gives off. I'd love to get my own place and put things like this on my coffee table, it would not only make a nice décor piece but also a nice conversation starter and boredom buster. This particular set is from Next home, and is part of a nautical range which has a whole bunch of things I'd like to call mine, sadly that's not possible.

3. Slogan Cushions// I love me a good cushion, and these ones from H&M are no different. I love the images and the brown one in particular has a nice faux jute fabric which is a nice change from the usual cotton.

4. Statement mirrors// I absolutely adore this Moroccan inspired mirror, its so beautiful. The wood frame and shaped mirror insert gives just the right vibe of the Middle East that is workable in a normal living room or similar setting.

So those were my four things for the home. Hope you like the things I've selected and let me know what is your favourite of the four in the comments.

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