Saturday, 31 May 2014

Jewellery Storage?

Who can help us girls ey? We hoarder everything known to man and now we're left with the hard decision of finding cute storage solutions. I'm one of the prime suspects that falls under that cetegory and whilst the humble jewellery box hold its useful place, we also need something that is different and pleasing to the eyes too.

Trays// I like using my mini floral tray for a place to put loose jewellery and pins from the day and also my day-to-day items that need picking up daily, like my watch and keys- it's like a station near my door for convenience. I also love the fact that the edges are slightly raised as it means none of my smaller jewellery items wont slip and slide off that easily. I don't particularly know where you can pick this up now but I managed to find mine at a local car boot sale for under £1 so do your research.

Cups and Bowls// I have a post dedicated to using crockery for storage coming up so I won't go into the details now. What I will say is that a cute Cath Kidston-esque tea cup makes a cute trinket holder.

Mirrored boxes// Or boxes in general can be difficult to store things in with a lack of compartments, but if you tackle the ability to organise the empty cube interior they can look super cute on show. Mirrored boxes are on trend right now and you can find them pretty much everywhere. I got mine as a gift but Amazon is the place to head for it, not sure if it's still available since it was a couple years back! Sorry.

Have you got any creative ways to jazz up the typical jewellery storage methods? I'd love to know so pop your ideas below.

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