Tuesday, 27 May 2014

An Ode to labels

Organisational obsessives and lovers of stationery like me will probably find joy in a good label or two. I love making my own shapes and colours in label form and sticking it on whatever the heck I find. It makes things automatically more uniform and organised whilst the different types of labels stop it from looking to clinical and bland. Labels make the world go round... well at least my world. I would like to say I have a label on everything, but that would be a lie, because I'm not that organised. I wish!

If you're thinking dayum gurl where did you find those awesome labels? Well firstly thank you, second of all, I made them! I know, shocker. But If you like pastels and frills but also something different and quirky, you're a girl after my own heart. You'll know that the typical white rectangles don't float your boat. I selected a few shapes from Picmonkey and had them printed into these cute personalised labels. The dream is to one day have my own brand of unique stationery but for now that that dream is a bit far fetched.

Do you love organisation and labelling as much as I do?

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