Thursday, 10 April 2014

Walk a mile in her shoes

Everyone portrays their personality through their style and clothing choices and shoes are the same. As much as I'd love to feel glamorous everyday in a pair of designer heel the average woman cannot afford to prance around in red soles from Mr Louboutin himself as much as we'd like to it's simply not achievable as an everyday thing. And quite frankly I don't think anybody has the foot stamina to endure the pain. So whilst the devil wears Prada I think I'll stick to a good ole pear of knock off converses!

This 'Walk a mile in her shoes' series is a look into all the people in my life ( hopefully I can expand this series) and what their lives entail. { Inspired by Ugly Betty my soul sister I love that show and she is exactly like me in a TV character, minus the awkward boyfriend moments and Mexican heritage.}

It consists of a few questions like a TAG and each month I'll rope in a suspect for the grilling.
So what do your shoes say about you? 

From my foot wear you'd never know I was into frilly interiors and shabby chic findings. To be quite honest you would think I was a pre-adolescent boy with a confused soul and even more confused colour preference. But I love mint green! I also like comfy shoes that I can jump around in and not feel achy in. What's more worse than painful shoes that pinch your toes? Urgh! I like to avoid those situations with a nice pair of faux converse (emphasis on faux coz French makes anything sound ten times more better)!

Heels or flats?

I prefer flats on a day to day basis but heels are like my choice of porn, if I could I'd buy every pair of strappy heel out there.

Socks with shoes or not?

Socks! All the way. I can't stand naked feet in a shoe, it's my phobia, just imagining the smelly feet people will get at the end of the day. Plus the rubbing would give you intense blisters, at least socks provide a bit of cushion. I hate the thought of my feet marinating in my foot sweat- yuk!

If you could have one shoe style for the rest of your life what would it be?

I think I'd chose a flats because they can be versatile and used for most activities. As much as I love converses and heels they aren't the most interchangeable style of shoe for everyday wear, for my lifestyle at least.

Lastly, what inspires your style choices and shoe purchases?

My friends, Tumblr and celebrities are my enablers in life. Not so much what is on trend but I like things that are wearable whether the trend goes out or not. If I go shopping I like to get a feel for what I'll be walking in for a day, testing out the comfort. My friends have often made me throw my judgement out the window for a nice looking pair of shoes, which I may or may not regret now. Don't tell them!

So now comes you're part, If you have any question you'd like me to add to the TAG comment below and give your suggestions. If you wanna take part in the TAG post your responses below or on your own blog etc, I'd love to hear your take on the questions. Lastly, who would you like to answer these questions I'd love to know who I should grill next.

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