Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Cherry blossom bloom // Nail Art

So spring is in full swing. With that in mind I thought I'd have a go at inking some cherry blossoms onto my finger tips. Now I don't think they went to bad, but with my tiny nail beds it didn't bloom as much as I'd want it have, but hey ho.  

I went with a matte black background for my cherry blossoms and for the petals I chose my fave nail polish, Barry M- Lychee. Just trace a floral outline around the tips of your nails and finish off with a dot of burgundy to create the cherry blossom effect. The stalks are optional but I think they add a nice filler to the black that was just there empty, use a nail art pen or my personal fave - a toothpick or old eyeliner wand.

So that was a quick little explanation, hope it helped. I've lost the stride of nail tutorial-ing so I apologise.

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