Friday, 25 April 2014

Things I'm loving #2

If you missed my ramble-y intro to this mini favourites series then make sure you visit yesterday's post for the deets.

Phone cases// I'm in love with my fairly old phone case from H&M which I picked up for a mere £1 on sale last year. It has two of my favourite things in life, mint and cuteness. Who knows what animal is, it's the most debated topic amongst my friends- is it a dog, cat, or rabbit ?

Food// chocolate covered peanuts are my absolute favourite snack, no doubt unhealthy but still yummy at the same time. I some how end up finishing a whole pack in two weeks, is that normal?

Stationery// I love multicoloured things and pens are no different. I'm obsessed with writing in various colour and it a bit of a weird trait I've adopted. I can go into Whsmith or any stationery isle of any shop and stare at the selection of things they have.

Clothes// Bambi on a top, can it get anymore perfect? Primark have a great Disney selection and I was torn between this one and a Muppet t-shirt, in the end Bambi over ruled though. I recently wore it with a grey maxi skirt and my famous mint converse style shoes, it was a nice casual outfit.

Photography// I really have been loving taking a decent photo. At the moment I live on iphone 4 quality snaps but even then I take advantage of what I have, trying to use the best lighting to make it look better. Saving up for a decent camera is my next bucket list duty, but I'm like a deer in headlights when it comes to choosing. I want something good quality but not a huge canon 600d because I don't think it'll be worth investing in for short term use. Any recommendations pop them my way.

So that's been my twist on the traditional monthly favourites, hope you enjoyed. What's been your favourite from the year so far?

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