Saturday, 26 April 2014

Pen Pals // DIY

This might have been a deceiving play on words today's DIY comes in the form of a 'pen pal', a cute idea to make school days a bit more manageable. Who needs expensive pen toppers when you can create a totally inexpensive and personalised one for yourself?

All you need is an image preferably a duplicated image so you have two of the same, but if you only have one then don't worry I have a solution of that. Cut out your pictures neatly and place them apart ready for the next step. At this point it might be a nice idea to get sticky back plastic and wrap your images in them so they don't easily rip or bend when using them on your pen, but if you can't get some then glue the images onto card beforehand. To go even further you can laminate them for extra strength, but that's not too necessary.

Get some glue and use the edge to stick the sides of the image, without gluing the middle or bottom of the image, because that's where the pencil/ pen is supposed to get into.

If you only have one image the take a slither of paper and create a ring for the pencil. Glue the image onto the ring and then you have a mini pen ring! Both methods look alike so you get equally cute pen pals to help class time and homework a bit less boring.

I went with a cat but magazine cut outs and other variations are just as cute. Here's a selection I've gone for, ironically all been stolen by my friends already!

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