Sunday, 27 April 2014

Lazy Sundays #10

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I know it's not typical of me to give an intro to these Lazy Sundays posts but I had to emphasise the fact that its #10! Can't believe I've done this series for ten weeks doesn't seem that long but it's the first milestone of many. So without further ado...
Snazzy HighlightersBear highlighters make the word go round right? Well they should in my eyes. I recently popped a Snapchat of these to my mateys and they automatically responded with a 'are they supposed to motivate you for revision?' Sarcasm of course because they all know how easily I'm distracted from the serious stuff. 

Blooming BlossomsSunny days mean sunny views and I love looking at nature sunbathing. Although they're no cherry blossoms they still filled my window view with a nice sight and equally refreshing waft of scent. I can see why my aunts house smells so nice without candles!

Lazy daysI've been a bit ill the past month, nothing too serious but I get days where I am literally forced into bed for the evening. If I didn't have an excuse to be in bed then I just do it anyways, someone needs to get here and kick my butt out of bed because if I didn't know already, EXAMS ARE IN 2 WEEKS! Get yoself together gurrrl!
Crazy Tropical FruitI went on one of them obligatory trips with my mum because I thought it would be fun to go get a few outfits for two of my cousins' wedding in the summer. I should've known it was code for grocery shopping because I left with no clothes, only food! Oh mother why do you make me feel bad and rope me into it? So when she went off ooh-ing and aah-ing at deals on spices I set of spying at the tropical fruit isles. I was amazed at so much fruits and veg I had never seen before, I need to educate myself on this big world!
Free Mag lovin' On the weekly food shop I realised Sainsbury's new mag was out. I recently got a copy of February's issue and I was pleasantly surprised. It's got an array of food, lifestyle and style bits which I love reading and staring at ( the pictures not the words, coz that would be... weird).

So that wraps up #10, and on that note I should probably say that Lazy Sundays will be taking a break for two months seen as I can't be being lazy on Sundays no more. Exams need attention and seen as my week will only consist of revision I reckon seeing five pictures of books and pens will hardly be entertaining. So see you in July with a big Lazy Sunday Update of anything I may have done in the weeks I was absent. If you like this type of posts then follow me on Google friend circle and Bloglovin for the notifications of my posts. Till next time ....


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