Thursday, 24 April 2014

Things I'm loving #1

I have a tendency to start every post with 'so...' and I'm determine to stop that habit... for now at least. Now I'm not one to do monthly favourites but since I've pretty much jumped on that bandwagon I thought I'd change it up by doing a round up of the things I've been loving in the first quarter of the year, and yes it does sound weird saying that. Since four months worth of likes might get boring under one post I've split it into two posts, one today and one tomorrow, so tune in tomorrow if you'd like to see my second instalment to the quarter-yearly faves.

Shades// The weathers been warming up and as far as I can help myself I think I've bought my shades for this year. I love the new round bug eyed glasses trend and although I probably wouldn't be able to pull it off, I think I'm turning a new leaf and don't want to care what others think of me, whether I look silly or not. Anyway mini rant over I picked these shaded from Primark for £3 and they aren't the best representation of the shades I wanted but for now they'll do.
Books// I'm not one to read much, I blame technology, but I've recently been loving Frankenstein. I've always had a perception from movies and TV that Frankenstein was the actual monsters name but I've been corrected! It's a great read and I'm not just saying that because I was forced into reading it for school. I've probably analysed the story inside out but for a normal reader it is nice to see the journey from the view of Frankenstein's monster who is outcast in society for his appearance. No more spoilers you'll have to read it yourself!
Nails// OPI are not my fave brand of polish but black is slowly becoming my favourite nail shade. I don't often apply nail polish because my nails hardly grow and I hate how nail polish looks on my short nails, but I've been experimenting lately and like the matte black trend going around.
TV// I've been revisiting my Gossip Girl days by re-watching the entire show from the beginning. I've forgotten what goes on throughout the seasons so it's like watching it from scratch and I'm in love all over again. Lets just say Chuck bass ( heart eyed emoji ) and leave it at that!
Baking// I'm trying to get my hands on almond flour to indulge in some macaroon making session at home. I'm yet to try them but I'm already addicted ( is that possible? ) What I do have is regular flour which I've been using to bake cakes and cupcakes in their masses, someone please come and restrain me!
That's part one done, come back tomorrow same time, same place for part two!

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