Saturday, 5 April 2014

Tea Tree Intensive Spot cream

Last month I featured this Tea tree intensive spot cream in my high street haul and I thought I'd do a little collective review on how it's been doing in the past few weeks.

On first thoughts I didn't have high expectations, but being the first type of spot cream I've used I was intrigued to try it out. To be honest I'm not that happy with the results. I got high hopes when it made my first spot reduce heavily after one night but after that it just ran out of luck. For the other spots I applied it with the precision nib, and it wasn't as 'quick' to work. It instructs to use day and night for a week but even after applying it for a couple of days nothing has happened to the spot, I would've expected the size or redness to decrease but nope, nothing.

I still hold on to hope thinking if I actually carry on applying it for a week something will happen but nothing does. I think it only works on certain spots. I've been breaking out a lot on my forehead with big huge mountain-like red ones, due to the stress I've been under. I think the cream can't battle with the strength of the spots, but I'm no expert. It dries certain spots out but then I'm left with dark spot scars which I wouldn't necessarily get if I left the spot alone, or applied a face wash/ scrub.

Overall I think as it worked on 'white-puss-filled' spots (yes yuck I know!)  I might keep it in my storage for when they pop out. For the everyday/ hormonal spot breakouts it isn't worth it. For £1.50 I can't complain so I think a more reliable alternative might be next on the trying list for me.

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