Friday, 4 April 2014

Staitionery Haul

My annual weekly stationery splurge was one that discovered some awesome gems. If you're like me then buying pristine pens and pencils gives you immense pleasure, I don't know what gets into me.

Sainsbury's of all places is where I picked up the majority of this haul. I love multicoloured stationery, so satisfying to do work with and just picks me up at school when I'm half asleep.
With exams on the horizon I'm trying to be organised with my notes and folders, so hopefully my colourful markers (from Tesco) should differentiation what belongs to what.

If that wasn't enough, embarrassingly I finally invested in a diary. A Cath kidston one at that! I can finally transfer my dates from a drawn on calendar in my notebook to an actual real one. Organised blogposts and exam rota here I come! Talking about notebooks I found a notebook in Sainsbury's for cheap. Not gonna lie I think I'm going to DIY that with my tutorial because it's such a 'boys' book cover, LOL.

Overall I think I did well in that department for the month. If you have any stores to recommend a stationery lover like me then let me know.

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