Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lazy Sundays #7

•pigeon phobia• piggy mug• rusty baker• April foolin' about
Pigeon phobiaSomeone please help my pigeon phobia, it's gotten worse over the past year to the extent to which I jump every time one flaps its wings near me. Ugh! I've gotten a lot of weird stares and laughs, I don't know whether it's just me but it's darn embarrassing!

Piggy mugI loved toy story as a kid but even now so that the Disney store does an adorably cute pig mug with realist feet and nose! By far the best thing being sold there, just couldn't deal with the price though

Rusty baker•  I haven't baked in ages, I'm definitely not the best but I do love a good ole therapeutic try at making cakes. I'm planning a guide to planning a tea party so the recipe will be up soon along with invite designing, games and other activities to liven up the event.
April foolin' about Tuesday was April fools and I had the best prank to fool my friend- A fake school suspension notice! It was a good idea, however wasn't well executed so we got busted after one minute of handing the letter over! It was a great laugh though because we ended up fooling others about it. How was your April fools? Did you manage to get tricked?

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