Monday, 7 April 2014

Healthy Eats #1

This is a new segment I'd like to introduce where I feature a recipe that I've been loving to make and eat this week.

This week comes in the form of the humble... Popcorn snack. Click here for the recipe I use. Like all recipes I skip some steps and alter it to me taste, in this case I had no clue what Agave syrup was and where I could get it from so I left it out. To go a bit more healthy and control the salt content I went for plain, but sugar is definitely more tasty albeit more unhealthy, but still more better for you than a bag of crisps.

If you'd like me to show you how I make my version of this recipe then make sure you leave me a comment below. That wraps up healthy eats for this week, I think this might be a monthly thing rather than weekly because I actually don't really follow recipes on a daily basis. If you'd like me to feature some of my personal recipes than give me some suggestions and I'll add it to my 'to do' list.

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  1. I love little food installments like these! I'm a big fan of popcorn but can't resist the toffee kind.. I should definitely convert to plain! x

    Kathryn | effievanity
    (hope you can enter my spring palette giveaway!)


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