Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Room Inspiration

Pictures are taken from Tumblr, Dunelm Mill, and eBay

If you had a read of my Life update yesterday, you would know about me moving houses. Sadly not a place of my own but still a home nonetheless. Saying that, the first thing I was excited about was my room. I've been looking for an excuse for a re-decorate for my current room but now that an opportunity to start over is just awesome. I'm going for a re-vamp, as the current occupier of my new room is a little girl in her pre-teen ages, so a lot of pink and plastic everywhere. I want to create a white shabby chic theme with a vintage retro edge in the accessories. 

I've been ditching my revision books for the internet, surfing deals and looking up ideas for my new room. It's going to be smaller than my current room but that doesn't really phase me at the moment because I'm pretty much leaving all my junk behind and starting afresh, fingers crossed I don't miss anything!

Although I don't know what I'm exactly getting, I know I definitely want a dressing table (one pictured above is my no.1 choice atm) and a white wood theme. I think I might paint my walls a muted mint, at the moment I have a duck egg blue colour in my room and it's my favourite colour. I'm not sure at the moment if I want wallpaper because I get bored of a print easily, I think I might just get a series of frames a create a wall feature of different prints and patterns on the painted wall, rather than a whole wall of floral designs- Plus my room is small so I don't want to make it feel even more constricted.

I've always wanted a chaise lounge or some sort of seating area in my room to sit, read and relax on. I'm not sure if that's possible right now but definitely would add to the vibe I want to create in my room. Seeing Instagram inspo is also another reason I'm always changing my d├ęcor choices. The painted wardrobe above is one of my favourite all time pictures from Instagram, it's gorgeous and I'd love to do that with my furniture, if I wasn't so scared of ruining it.

If you guys have a tips or websites/shops for me to scour then let me know, I'm still on the hunt to make my room a 'Tumblr-worthy' habitat. If you'd like to see updates and hauls of what I buy in the end then let me know.

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