Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Rose on a nail // Nail Art

  {sorry for the scruffy nails and blobby application}

Today's #moneysavymarch post comes in the form of a nail art tutorial without the fuss of buying expensive dotting tools and nail art pens. Using things we usually have lying around it can be a quick and simple job when it comes to nails.

Now things you need are cotton buds and old nail polish you have lying around, as well as a marker- preferably fine-tipped.

 I went for a nude nail with a mint green accent nail. To do the accent nail start off with painting two coats of your preferred colour, doesn't have to be mint. Once that's dried and dusted get your cotton bud and dot a second colour onto the nail in a systematic stripe style. I've only done a single coat for this and seeing as I've used a cheap polish it's pretty sheer which gives a nice metallic finish. 

Now the tricky part. Using the other end of the cotton bud get a darker colour for the rosey part and place the blob on top of one metallic dot you placed before. This is because when you swirl the colours it gives a nice Rosy effect. I've used a pin to 'swirl' put toothpicks are just as good in this budget friendly tutorial. Grab a marker and use it to draw a rough rose outline around the swirled dot. Try and make it resemble a Rose shape inside the swirl too for the full effect. For  the petals just get another cotton bud and place two dark green dots beside the newly formed rose. With the same pin/toothpick swipe through the centre while the polish is wet and it should pull at the top to create a wispy leaf shape.

Once done seal with a top coat and you should be done.

PS- I admit I'm not the most bestest of nail artists so just use the pictures as a reference rather than inspiration.


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