Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Persuing your dreams //Lets Turn The Page

Sometimes life throws us obstacles we are unable to jump over and succeed. I guess that's the point of life in a way. Always keeping us on our toes. But that doesn't mean we live life giving up and allowing ourselves to lose. Dreams are what life is made of and we can all be dreamers so long as we know the difference between that and reality...

I want to be a million things in my life right now; a designer, baker , businesswoman, artist and photographer, and I don't plan on giving them up right now. I'm far from completing my dreams but I guess that's okay because it keeps me motivated for the future when I'm in a better position to complete them. Fulfilling your dreams isn't a financially dependant thing when you put your mind to it, rich or poor you can dream as big as your heart desires, one day it can come true (if you want it to). Take blogging for instance, I'm still starting out and I don't have free products and masses of topics to muse about but I'm finding my way, hopefully I can get somewhere. I don't let numbers phase me because that shouldn't matter when your fulfilling your goals.

So for now I 'll leave you will a little food for thought, I live by this quote and it's my life's mantra when it comes to those tricky obstacles. Disney lovers rejoice:

" A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes "

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