Saturday, 29 March 2014

My Memory Box

"I'm 18 and have a memory box". There. I said it. Is it that weird? I actually think it's quite cool, cringe-worthy, but cool. I've had Mary (yes I've named her) for about 4 years in the making, prior to getting a shoe box it was a Celebrations tin but with all my memories it got too small, hence the upgrade. It's been a working project of mine every summer since, collecting old magazines to adorn the 'shoe-box' feel to the exterior.

Inside is another story. A sort of treasure trove of all my life's makings and what I've decided to keep forever. My mum recently gave me her wedding jewellery and hair pieces to keep as a sort of 'hand-me-down', which I actually love. Especially because one day I'd love to pass that on to my daughter and so on down the line. It feels special that my mums started off that tradition with me, being her only daughter.

I recently also began to become a theatre fanatic. Not so much for musicals, but actual nitty gritty acting live on stage, it's so intriguing and I love it.  Saying that I did go see Shakespeare's ' The Merchant of Venice' the other day and the music in that was very up beat and amazing to watch on stage, so I might be swayed in that department.

Other memories range from my brothers old baby rattle which was passed to me and my siblings, which I obviously kept seen and my brothers have no knack for safekeeping memories. Some old birthday card, medals, certificates and train tickets from trips I've been on, and yes that is an old 'sorry' letter from my childhood best friend.

I highly recommend keeping something like this in your possession because it's just meaningful and special. My whole life is in this box and I love looking back through my past memories and what made me smile. Of course the best memories are in the heart but ever so often it's nice to have a physical representation of items that mean more than the card that there printed on.


  1. This is awesome! I just have a red hamper that I throw everything into, but now I'm inspired to make a cute box to hold my favorite memories!

    1. whatididonwednesday30 March 2014 at 18:23

      thank you, definitely, I think making a box will treasure your items forever


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