Sunday, 30 March 2014

Lazy Sundays #6

• 'Multitude of colours' • Watching the SHAYTARDS • Slice of cake anyone? • Jar jar obsession continues • The ultimate Sundae

'Multitude of colours'It's a bit of a funny story but the other day I was revising at school, like a good girl of course. Me being me I unloaded the contents of my whole stationery draws onto the school desks and got to work. It was like a chaotic shop counter. Anyways my friend asked if she could borrow some pens and I replied 'Sure I have a multitude of colours!' For some reason that set of a rage of laughter from the whole classroom. Was it the way I said it? In hindsight it must of been such a 'geek' thing to say. LOL.

Watching the SHAYTARDS When revision, or being a comedian retires for the evening I like to watch a Shaytards vlog. They're just a loving and fun family I almost feel a member of their clan by watching.

Slice of cake anyone?Lunchtime cravings reach new levels for my friends. One day they reside to having nothing but fruit, the next it's chips and the next its cake. This cake was actually really nice and airy and not too sweet. The only thing I was confused about was the random chocolate Flake on top. I mean what's the correlation between jam sponge and flake? Oh well I wasn't moaning then.

Jar jar obsession continues If you remember back to last weeks ramblings then you would've seen my new found jam jar storage solutions. This week with another jam jar finished by my family my mum knew not to throw it away. I didn't think flowers were destined for this one though. I thought storing my colourful crayons would liven my room up a bit, so that's what I did.

The ultimate Sundae An inkling of sun and I'm already planning summer themed posts! How optimistic of me. It's an 'Ultimate' sundae in the guise of one of SORTED's influenced recipes I liked the look of. Don't worry my version will be up in the coming month and it's a corker!

So that wraps up this weeks round up. Hope you had a great week wherever you are!

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