Friday, 28 March 2014

Upgrade your bag// DIY

 If you're like me and love a bit of fashion week then you'd know about this A/W 2014 Burberry styles that hit the runway. I was in awe of the hand painted leather bags that were clutched by the likes of Cara Delevigne and Suki Waterhouse - My two favourite models of the moment. Of course purchasing one of those bags will cost me an arm and a leg, so I thought I'd have a go at upgrading one of my old bags will some nail polish, inspired by Burberry and an upcoming trend we'll be seeing in the coming year. So if you haven't seen what Burberry bags I'm going on about then head over to their website, Google or Tumblr... be warned you may be left obsessed like me.

All you need are some nail polishes and an old bag. Preferably if you own some fabric paint that would be great but seen as it's #moneysavymarch I thought using things I have lying around is a better budget option.

Start designing a pattern you'd like to sport on your bag. It doesn't have to be floral or girly, it can be Burberry-inspired Aztecs and avant garde patterns. Bright colours are advised too, but seen as I was working with what I had I stuck to a more subtle pattern for now, although I'm planning a full on bright design to wear in the summer.

If you're wondering what I have stuffed inside the bag, I've filled it will some fabric to keep its shape whilst I'm painting. You don't want the bag bending and ruining the designs you've done, although a quick fix of nail polish remover on a cotton bud does the trick.

Once you've found a design that you love keep going until you're happy with the result. I've pained the inside where the flap would usually cover the pattern, just so the design is seen when I open the bag, plus I think that doing so makes the bag more expensive-looking and 'couture' if you can call it that.

If you watch the Carrie Diaries you'd know of the 'Carrie bag' that supports all her outfits. I love how she painted her name onto the front, but I thought painting my name on the front would look over crowded, especially because I have the strap cutting through the middle. However, I couldn't let the idea go. I flipped the bag over and had a scribble on the back as a secret message almost. It's nice for me to get the hint of my handwriting on my bag even if it's not seen. Rather than your name you could write a quote, joke or even continue the designs for an even bigger statement.


I love the end result it's beautiful and my piece of Burberry in a side-bag. Hope you guys like this #moneysavymarch post because I certainly enjoyed delving into my nail polish stash to create this piece. Everyone can have a piece of designer bling in their wardrobe even if its designed by themselves ;)

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