Thursday, 6 March 2014

Best Free Apps

If you've read my app addiction post you know how my relationship is with apps and games alike. So seen as I see myself as a bit of a bargainer for the world of apps I thought I'd share what I've chosen as my top 9 fave apps of the moment.


Instagram// I love this app. I am my own professional photographer and I'm not afraid to capture parts of my day for the sake of Instagramin' it later on. It's nice to follow my favourite bloggers, celebrities, Friends, family and even strangers just to see their world's and what's inspiring them. I won't ramble too long you all know the gist of Instagram...

Candy Crush// Again I've spoke of my obsession here but quick summary- It's an addictive all round game which to me is a brain training exercise too because it gets me thinking about the moves and matches I can make- but that's me justifying my hours of playing on the app. I'm on level 390 so that might explain a lot.

Elf Yourself// I recently discovered this app and it's brilliant! Such a feel good app that creates an elf avatar with faces of whoever you want. It then creates a little parody of the elf's dancing and it cracks me up ten times over! I know it's not Christmas season but it just leaves me in fits of tears when I get my mum and dad into the avatar faces dancing because it's something they would never do.

Tumblr// My second love after Instagram. It's the inspirational centre of my thoughts and I love spending hours just reblogging images that depict what I'm thinking. I'm all about decor and style ideas but also the comedy aspect that is just to funny not to reblog. It's good for those long train journeys with nothing to do.

Bloglovin// All your blogging faves in one place. Updates their posts on your feed so it's easy for you to see what bloggers have been up to. Although I love reading posts on my computer with a huge screen sometimes I like reading whilst I'm out to keep me entertained and up to date with the latest musings from my faves.

InstaEditor// My go to for image editing on my phone. It has filters, text add-ons, cropping, and all sorts. Great for them days where Instagram doesn't offer a filter that does the image justice.

Clumsy Ninja// A cute game, great for all ages. Teaching a ninja is almost as satisfying this way because I feel like a sensei with a black belt teaching my student. It's a bit addictive too when you get sucked in by the notifications that tell you the ninja is feeling lonely.

TVCatchup// My saviour! I can literally watch shows that are live from my phone in times of need. Sometimes when my TV is being occupied with my brothers annoying wrestling shows and I need to watch Hollyoaks I switch the app on and sit back. It's so convenient and I'm glad it's free.

Seven// I've seen a lot of these 'seven minute work out' apps that advertise quick weight loss results if you continue the workout everyday for a seven month period. That sounds great and I've only completed one day which left me sore and in bed for the next week! I think I should've warmed up beforehand. If the app's claims are true I think I will try it again soon. But for now I think just staying on my phone is motivation enough!

So what free apps are you loving at the moment?

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