Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Pamper Party

Pampering is a hobby we often neglect when it comes to ourselves, so why not make a night out of it and host a Pamper Party on a budget. So call your girlfriends over and have a great time with drinks, gossip and a good movie because this party is going to be one to remember... and nobody will know it was a low budgeted event.

Food- Make it a one dish all event where everyone brings over a sample of their cooking skills. Add a little 'come dine with me' competition and make it a blind dinner so nobody knows who's dish is who's. Score one another on their skills and the winner could get a prize or first picks at the sleeping spots (if it becomes a late night sleepover that is ). To add a bit of group activity you could also do a cooking/ baking session which always seems to turn out on top with giggles and a huge mess!

Entertainment- Everyone likes a good old snuggle on the sofa with a movie, but why not stir things up with a little sing song. Get out your games consoles and get your groves on with a 'just dance' marathon. If not then get out a score board and play a series of games like 'head's up' , monopoly and twister. If you own none of the above get out a spare notebook and start writing a story where everyone writes a page of the storyline. Once everyone's done you can put it together and keep the notebook for future parties where the novel can develop into a joint venture. Who knows where that story will be in ten years time... Other ideas is to hold a clothes swap, fashion show or a good ole' karaoke party.

The detox- When your in the midst of entertainment don't forget to whip on those jammies and slop on that face mask. Home made ones are a great conversation starter and group activity to make that doesn't cost much and can be made from things in your cupboard like lemons, oil and coco powder. Head over to a market or grocery stall and pick up fruit and lemons cheaply for a nice virgin cocktail. Not forgetting the obligatory cucumber slices to place on the eyes. Get out all your nail polishes and ask your friends to bring along their top picks for a little nail session rather than forking out money on an expensive manicure. Use an old washing up bowl and some bubble bath to create a foamy foot soaking experience so your guest can experience the full works of a spa at home.

The treats- Every party needs a piece de resistance so whip out the milkshakes made from anything you have at home- milk, leftover ice creams, chocolate , biscuits etc. Conjure up a 'secret sister' (secret Santa) type of present giving system where everyone gets a gift for one person in the group. That way each guest gets a little gift from the experience without the host spilling big bucks on the presents.

Extras- To make the vibe feel less budget and more glamorous keep tea lights lit across the room for a subtle pretty look. Have a platter of fruit, crisps and drinks placed on a coffee table to make the guests feel welcome. Make them feel at home, tell them to bring their slippers, pj's and scrunchies and whatever else that might be relaxing to them. At the end of the night offer doggy bags of leftovers or pot up some face mask mixture that might be leftover so they can recreate the pampering at home. Keep music playing quietly in the background so everyone can loosen up and get into the relaxing spirit.

At the end of the day it's about having a pamper and de-stressing day so don't worry about having a bad time because it's on a low budget. Friends won't care what's happening, if all goes pear shaped ( hopefully not) just make a night out of it a chomp down on the food.

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  1. Pamper party for me is all about relaxing! Taking a bath with salts and bubbles as if I were 12 again! Having time to myself is the best treat!
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