Friday, 21 February 2014

get Ready For Revision~ Procrastinating

Oh the troubles of a true procrastinating pro! I think if there were exams to test your loyalty to doing something other than revising I'd be the top scorer. But sadly we have to find ways to beat the urge and remain on track.

It's easy to give in to the temptation of TV, texts, food , the list goes on... But let's assess the sitch here.

> The Hunger game- No. Not the movie, book or random other related things although I'll be coming to that shortly. I'm talking about the tummy rumbles that squeak at the lowest decibel yet we find the need to run to the fridge and eat for an hour as a 'break' from the important matters of revising. I have to admit I'm guilty of this one. I register in my brain the need to satisfy the noises in my stomach despite not even being hungry. I go and grab the quickest edible thing like a crisp packet but take at least triple if not 4x the usual time I take to eat one of them down.

Now ways to avoid this
  • Have a water bottle by your side at all times - this helps keep you hydrated and replenished, but don't get any ideas to take loo breaks every half hour.
  • A plate of fruit and nuts- Always a good idea to stick to the healthy stuff rather than the junk that can mess with your brain and make you feel stodgy and tired. If you keep a side bowl of your favourite fruit it can be nice to have a piece when you've finished a task to give you an energy boost to begin the next task.
  • Reward- Once you've finished your daily checklist of revision/duties you can indulge in the chocolate or crisps. It's nice to think you have something to 'treat' you at the end of the gruelling day full of revision.
  • Satisfy your hunger at breakfast, lunch and dinner. That keeps you on track and avoids extra weight gain that usually happens during the exam period through binge eating. If your stressed don't take it out on food because it leads to a spiral of more stress later on. Take a break to reassess your work load rather than over work yourself and harm your body with junk.
  • limit the caffeine too! - too much can make you loopy, get your sleep and energy thorugh smoothies and vitamins rather than sugar and caffiene which will only leave you craving for more.
> The Anti-Social network- I'm sorry but throughout the duration of revision you have to part with your beloved phone and computer. Not for too long. I mean I'm a bit guilty when it comes to slyly checking my messages and playing a smidge of Candy Crush. But for the rest of it I keep my phone of silent mode and get on with what's needed.

>The great catch-up- With the advance in our techno world means more distractions but better convenience for us coz most channels now replay their shows online. The world is our oyster and we don't need to worry about missing our fave shows now which means we can get on with our revision right? I guess that's easier said than done but worth a shot.

>Family+Friends=Trouble - We all love our families ( deep down ) but like our treasured phones we need to shut them away for a few hours just so we can all engage in study. However cute our brothers may be that cuteness won't pass your exams so slap yourslef into shape because this ones on you and pressure is going to build up.

>Don't be a lazy bum - I've been there. Those times when the books are piling up on the desks but the computer screen is flashing and calling you over to watch some shows, play some games and be social on every single social network site known to man. Use that urge as motivation to finish revision. Don't rush it because that leads to sloppy work, just do the work and leave the treat till the end. Finishing treats leaves nothing to finish revision for so you get a bit demotivated and bored quicker.

Have you got any more tips to beat the procrastination urge? Post them below and we can share out tips to a successful revising regime.


  1. Haha love the little sad face on the calc! Really great tips!

    1. thank you shannon and glad you noticed my calculator :P


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