Wednesday, 15 January 2014

"Your Lips But Better"

I've been slowly getting into lipsticks again and I'm in a transitional phase. I've graduated the lip balms and glosses and now I'm onto natural lipstick shades.

Being gifted the Calvin Klein lipstick in my recent secret Santa present swap was a total surprise and great colour choice for my lips. At first the sight of the purple-pink lipstick put me off, but on application it turned out to be the perfect shade of pink (shade 'First Kiss' ) to accentuate my natural lip colour.

The actual formula is a bit hit and miss. Having extremely dry lips I'm probably not the perfect road tester, however even after pre-moisturising and softening this lipstick somehow has a tendency to have the 'dry lipstick' status. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love the shade but I think it isn't suited for people with dry lips as it kind of settles in the creases and exaggerates the dryness.

On the plus side pairing it with a gloss seems to do the trick and I guess it just has to be one of 'those' lipsticks that need a gloss to enhance its colour, which I don't seem to mind because I like how it unifies the hyper-pigmentation on my lips to give them a normal colour.

Have you got any recommendations for me after reading of my weird lip conditions?

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