Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Monogram Room Plaques// DIY

I'm always looking for different ways to add a shabby chic vibe to my room through decor. I prefer DIY methods purely for the fact that it's virtually free and who can pass an opportunity to get out the old paper and scissors eh? It's rather therapeutic to me, choosing which floral pattern and font I want, but if it doesn't tickle your fancy then there are usually templates online that do the job for you.

Monogram plaques are a chic and I'm usually spotting them in expensive decor shops for ridiculous prices. Choosing DIY means I can use various prints and colours to symbolise my personality or style, whilst not breaking the bank.

I've used my usual florally patterned print chosen from the web, but other ideas can be using newspaper, magazines or just plain coloured paper. You can also print a template to create a stencil for tracing your initial onto the selected print you want, or like I've done just print it together. The web is full of fonts to choose from so choose one that suits the vibe your going for and if not you can just draw your own font onto the paper.

Then all there's left to do it cut around the letter and place inside a frame of your choice. If you want a more dramatic effect that stands out then why not get a plain canvas and stick it onto that. You can easily paint the backing of the canvas, print your full name and make a feature piece out of it. Personally I like a subtle monogram because I'm not to keen on the overly named bedroom decor, but you have free reign to do whatever you want because it's your darn bedroom. 

Another idea I had was to stick my initial onto a piece of random cardboard I had lying around. Once stuck on my wall it gives a bit of lift and stands out whilst remaining subtle and pretty. Again it's up to you how you cut your letter out. Here I've done both ways- a plain background and patterned letter and a patterned background with a plain letter.

Being an Instagram and Tumblr addict my next venture may be a collage monogram which can double as a gift and statement piece in your bedroom. If you try it out be sure to send a pic my way via social media.

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