Monday, 13 January 2014

Round up your rings.

So 2013 was certainly the year that midi rings made an appearance as a style must-have, and that's certainly a trend set to remain quite big this year. Rings are pretty much a Marmite sort of 'love it or hate it' thing- I know a few people who feel claustrophobic with rings on, but I love them.

Midi rings especially have a sort of dress up or dress down vibe about them that can just add something different to your outfit. The ones above are from Primark and having fat fingers I was surprised even the rings in the size small were still to big to be proper midi rings, so I'd take that into consideration for those with smaller fingers because they may not be the ones for you.

Apart from being as cheap as chips I love the hearts in the collection. The one to the far left especially tickles my fancy because the cut out shows a bit of flesh through the heart, as well as the faux diamonds that frame the ring.

All in all midi rings are a great stackable piece of jewellery for anyone who wants to jazz up their collection or be a bit more daring with their accessory choices. Tumblr is full of eye candy inspiration for styling the rings for different fashion tastes.

Have you fallen for the midi trend?

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