Thursday, 16 January 2014

Budget Friendly Skincare Routine

Being a student I haven't immersed myself in expensive high end skin care just yet. I try and pick a few things from the drug-store that I can try and test out on my face and if it doesn't work out then I don't need to worry about wasting tonnes of money on it. Having dry/very dry skin with an oily nozzle I need to find a balance between the products I use so it can add moisture as well as cleansing the oiliness out.

From left to right I just have 5/6 of my most used facial washes and cleansers that I change up every so often when I need a different solution to my skin problems. First I have a huge bottle of Baby oil purely because of the dry patches I get near my eyes and chin that flake up and don't seem to get moistened by the creams I use. Because baby oil is so gentle and harmless I figured if it's good enough for a baby's bottom then it must be good enough for my face. And it is.

Tea tree foaming facial wash from the tea tree range at Superdrug's is a new discovery for me and is proving pretty nice. I like the pump and the foaminess of the product and it almost resembles a moose when it comes out. Once rubbed in the foam disappears but still you still feel its magic working. Tea tree oil is supposedly a miracle for people with acne or oily skin because it balances the extra oil accumulation on the face. Considering I have dry skin it isn't too harsh for those areas that need more moisture, which I like. The face wash leaves you with a clean feeling on your face and that satisfies me a lot.

A cleanser I've been loving is the Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion targeted at sensitive skin. I just use this on a cotton pad and swipe across my face for quick action daily cleansing. It doesn't require any washing off or water so I particularly like keeping this in my room for using at night to remove any dirt that can build up when roaming outside, especially with pollution and all sorts of toxins in the air.

Another face wash I've been using is the Neutrogena Pink grapefruit facial wash. The smell is really nice and fruity as you can expect and leaves a pleasant after smell once your done rinsing off the face wash. It's not like the foaming wash simply because it doesn't foam up, but it does create a nice lather once hit with water. With this product I like washing it off with hot water because I find it opens up my pores and works better once I've dabbed the excess water off with a face cloth.

The Olay Gentle Cleansing Conditioning Milk is a fave for taking off makeup because it is literally so gentle it feels like milk on your face. It does wonders for removing mascara and it doesn't really sting my eyes or face. You need water for this one and isn't as easy as wiping on with a cotton pad, but it does the job quite good.

Last but not least the Simple Triple action face wash. I have to say this is my least favourite because it doesn't really do much to my skin except for leaving it smooth. I think this is more young teenager appropriate and as I'm in my late teens I guess I'm in need of a more intense wash. On the plus side it comes with little tiny beads in which is probably the thing that smooths my skin out. It has a sort of exfoliating quality without being harsh, so it rubs away the dry flakiness perfectly.

Have you tried out any of these products? What's on your bathroom counter? I'd love to know.

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