Thursday, 30 January 2014

Wishlist #2 ~ Beauty Edition

It's almost my birthday, I've been browsing blogs and websites in a hunt for things I could spoil myself with, because if you can't treat yourself then there's something wrong! I'm not a spendaholic or shopping obsessive. I'm more of a window shopper and only buy someting if I need it or if its on sale. When it's my birthday I guess I don't want to feel guilt for overspending so I allow myself that one day of the year to do so.

I've had my eyes on the products above and just lust over them in the beauty counters/ shops. Nars creamy concealer is not the the number thing on my wish list considering its price point but I just can't seem to ignore the raves about it. I've never owned a Nars product or any high end makeup item for that matter so I want my high end product virginity to be taken by a well deserved worthy item.

Another Nars product in the form of the Nars Satin Lip pencil is a cult product in the eyes of Anna from Vivianna does makeup. She raves about these lip crayon type things and has most of the colours which all look amazing. They aren't sheer or shiny like you would expect from a lip crayon hybrid, it's more of a matte lipstick in a pencil form so it's great for precision application. Link of her blog will be in tomorrows post so keep your eyes peeled, she has various posts on the matter.

My number one 'wish' if you like to call it, is the Revlon Lip Butters. Now some people hate them and others LOVE them with a passion. And I think I may jump onto that badwagon with them because I love the concept of them being a balm/ tint amalgamation. I think the idea is genius for dry lip days and can't wait to try some.

Bourjois is another brand I'm intrigued by. Again I've never tried any of their products so it will be nice to see if the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation will do any wonders for my dull skin. I haven't had a full foundation I guess because I've always been a sampler of various brands which pretty much saves me from buying a whole bottle and disliking it. So maybe I'll trust the reviews this time and invest in it.

The Bourjois 'Chocolate' Bronzing powder as it's called is another hit or miss product simply for that fact that wihouth trying it before hand it can be a risk between looking muddy or a contoured goddess. I'm not too sure but the chocolate appearance and smell does it for me and I feel the need to try it for some odd reason.

Last but not least is probably the most blogger enabled 'wish'. It's the MAC 217 blending brush. It apparently changes the whole essence of applying eyeshadow and makes everything look dreamy and blurred. I'm curious to see whether a budget option can do the same thing so maybe a comparison post will be on the cards once I've investigated further.

What's on your beauty/makeup wishlist?

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