Friday, 31 January 2014

Flower Power! ~ Nail Art

Now nail art is a totally new territory to me but after being inspired by Lily Pebbles I thought I'd have a go at a bit of flower power in a nod to springs near arrival.

1. Gather the polishes you'd like to use for the base/background, the leafy stems and the petals. You can also choose an alternate colour for the middle of the flower but I decided to stick to the base colour I chose. You also need cotton buds ( a dotting tool if you own one ) and some toothpicks.

 2. First apply your base coat and wait for it to dry completley

3. Then apply some of your chosen petal colour to the cotton bud end

 4. Dot the cotton bud in a floral pattern and try to make them resemble some sort of flower in three corners of your nail.

5. Then get your green shade and apply it to a toothpick

 6. Spread it over the nail is a stalk shape going diagonal from the nail. Use the other end of the tooth pick to pull away from the line and create leafs coming out of the stalk.

   It should look something like this ( sorry for the sloppy application)

7. Use another cotton bud or dotting tool to dot a circle into the middle of the flowers. For an accent nail you can leave it at this stage and apply a top coat to seal the pattern.

8. For a more patterned look continue the leafy stalks to the rest of the nails in the same motion as previously explained.

There you have it! I know it's very badly done so please excuse the offensiveness of it. Hope you got some tips for nail art from this considering I don't own very skilled equipment.

If you try this out with different colours make sure you tag me in your pictures, I'd love to have a look!

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