Saturday, 25 January 2014

What a Statement! #2

Now huge statement necklaces have been on-trend for the past year and although they are a new staple must-have I think a new contender may be on the fields to make a subtle comeback. If you missed the first part of this mini series then click here.

Dainty necklaces may become a hit with their intricate designs and cute little pendants. They have an ability to add personality and sophistication to an outfit, both casually and as an evening classy style piece.

Theirs no doubt they aren't exactly huge statements but sometimes big bulky necklaces isn't what the outfit needs. A dainty alternative is a better bet, and just imagine a bride, they never seem to be crusin' with huge dangly statement necklaces. And whilst our everyday outfits are certainly not dressed for a wedding occasion I can be prone to favouring a nice fawn shaped pendant on a rose gold intricate chain over a huge floral statement piece.

What do you prefer a dainty or statement piece of jewellery?

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