Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lets face it...

If the title wasn't a sly enough hint today's post is a face friendly insight into my top face creams. Having dry skin the Simple Derma Intensive Relief cream was a pleasant discovery from the new Simple Derma line that's specifically targeted for people with very dry to sensitive skin. I like the consistency of it, the thickness gets right into my dry patches and relieves it instantly. Although the downside to any thick cream is the time it takes to sink in. I tend to massage it in small amounts over the dry parts and very sparingly rub the remainder onto the rest of my face and that does the trick. It has no scent which is nice because it reassures me that there isn't nonsense being rubbed into my facial skin that could cause breakouts.

The second is my summer time fix, Olay complete care daily sensitive UV cream. Its much lighter than the Simple cream but great for summer because I don't get as much dryness so it saves me from looking like a shiny sweat face all day. The feeling of the cream is so luxurious it is like silk being rubbed onto my face! The SPF is a bonus because I personally don't want to start getting wrinkles at my tender age ( lol ).

Hope you enjoyed this quick rap up of my favourite face creams. If you have any recommendations please let me know.

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