Friday, 10 January 2014

The Room Tour Edit #1

Having a dream of being an interior designer one day, decorating my room and adding little bits of personality here and there is a way of practising my love for textures and textiles. The run up to my full room tour will consist of little snippets and tips I have for decorating your own spaces.

CUSHIONS: I'm a sucker for cushions in every shape and form. From ones with cute quotes and messages to rectangular and knitted ones, any style of cushion can be layered with each other to create a cosy atmosphere in your chosen space.

TIPS for layering cushions-
  1. Place larger square cushions at the back, rectangular ones in the middle and smaller ones at the front for a more gathered full effect.
  2. To create a hotel chic vibe choose cushions that aren't too garish or out there. Stick to minimalistic colours but change the textures to add more atmosphere.
  3. When choosing your cushions select ones that complement your room or ones that will add colour. Try and stick to the same palette unless your going for the clashed look.

BOOKS: I'm not a huge book reader. I'm way too afraid to crinkle the pages or either too busy to pick up a huge novel and spend hours reading it. Nevertheless, I like displaying the books or magazines I like the look of, to enhance boring bits in my room and give them more dimension. It doesn't have to be just books but quirky things like dictionaries and DVDs. It serves more than just a pretty stack to look at but also a little selection of things to possibly pick up and read on the go, for inspiration or just for entertainment purposes.

Stay peeled for the next edit featuring more snippets of ideas to jazz up your rooms and add personality to your spaces. I'm planning a series of DIY's to create cute decor for a room to personalise and add colour to a dull wall or lack-lustre space.

If you use some of the tips mentioned above let me know in the comments below with any other ideas that I could try myself.

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