Friday, 3 January 2014

101 Ways To Reuse A Body Butter Tub // DIY

... Well maybe not 101.

I have a DIY gift solution for you! Well technically its a way to reuse your old body butter containers into a gift box or storage solution. First you'll need to round up all the present wrapping decorative bits you have lying around, and of course the present too ( preferably something that can fit into the tub ).

Then pick your desired weapons!

I've pre-washed and dried my body butter tub and put some white tissue paper into it. Make sure all the body butter is completely rinsed off from the corners and sides because I found some left on my tub and had to go back and scrub it off!

Jewellery and other small gifts would go perfectly into the tub and look pretty once wrapped up with fancy ribbons.

Other ways of using it could consist of placing mini stationery like pins and paper clips into it or even bits of makeup. I've also used it as a food storage for my pistachio nuts! The list is endless, so what other uses can you create for this round tub?

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