Friday, 3 January 2014

Body Butter Crazy!

I think I have a slight obsession when it comes to body butters from the body shop, I can't stay away! So when it comes to the annual sales I take the opportunity to stock up on old faves as well as new scents I'm loving.

I've picked my top 7 favourites of the bunch, which consist of ;

The Duo Range: This range is for sufferers of dry skin and it comes with the normal body butter and a thicker consistency body butter for drier areas of the body. The three scents I went for were the Vanilla, Floral Acai and the Macadamia Nut ones which all smell as they sound. Heavenly! Although I must admit the Macadamia nut does get a bit boring in my opinion so I tend to switch it up when I'm bored of the scents.

Chocomania: A chocolate lovers dream! It smells exactly like a melted Galaxy chocolate bar and it's gorgeous. I'm not sure how you feel about smelling of chocolate throughout the day but it is a strong scent that lingers, so you have to be an obsessed chocoholic to pull this one off.

Peach: uh! Lets just admire the colour of the tub! I can't wait to finish it off and use the empty tub for a storage solution ( DIY linked at the bottom). Anyway, the scent is subtle and fresh just as you'd expect from a fruity body butter. It's personally my favourite and gives a nice smell that works well layered with perfume or on its own.

Do you guys have a body butter love? If you have an empty tub and need a solution I have a gift idea here!

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